antiknock dope for diesel fuel

antiknock dope for diesel fuel
定義 / 臨時條目
antiknock - 2 個意思
(形容詞) of an additive added to petroleum/gasoline to reduce the occurrence of engine knock.
diesel - 7 個意思
(名詞) A fuel derived from petroleum (or other oils) but heavier than gasoline/petrol. Used to po...
dope - 13 個意思
(名詞) Any viscous liquid or paste, such as a lubricant, used in preparing a surface.
(名詞) An a...
for - 19 個意思
(連接詞) Because.
(介詞) Towards.
(介詞) Directed at, intended to belong to.
(介詞) Supporting (o...
fuel - 5 個意思
(名詞) Substance consumed to provide energy through combustion, or through chemical or nuclear re...
antiknock dope for diesel fuel
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